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Related post: Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 22:40:08 EST From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi 08Randi VIII, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. It picks up where Randi VII left off. I had to stop for obvious reasons!Please keep your feedback coming. cast iron model I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now.Randi VIII"Honey, are you absolutely sure about this?" Ryan whispered, leaning over and putting his face beside mine, speaking to me in the dressing table mirror. nonude child model I stared into his beautiful, gold-flecked blue eyes and saw the anxiety there."I'm sure, Darling," I said, my hand slowly stroking his beautiful bearded cheek. "now, go on, sweetie."A look of both reluctance and anticipation shown in his face and I turned toward him and kissed him hard, my hand stroking his face in reassurance. "Now, come on. I can't finish getting dressed if you keep harping on it, Honey. I told you that since we're together, it's alright. Okay?" I smiled.Nodding, Ryan said, "It's just that I love you so much, I don't want anything to ever come between us." With a lingering kiss to sexy 15yo models my forehead, he left me alone in the bedroom while he went to be sure that the kids were settled in with their new baby-sitter.Poor Julie. Poor sweet little Julie. She had leapt at the chance to sit for me and was practically at our door before I could even set the telephone back into its cradle. This despite my telling her it was simply an overnight, New Years Eve sitting job and absolutely nothing else. I was, an intended to stay, determined to keep my hands from that little sex kitten. Of course, there was nothing to keep me from fixing her up with Deborah or Loren.I put down my makeup pencil and stared at the my reflection in the mirror. Was this the right thing, I asked myself? What if Ryan's right? What if I'm sowing the seeds models young myusenet for the destruction of my marriage this very evening?My mind drifted sophie howard model back to that evening, weeks ago, when I first brought child model galleries Ryan into my new world, dining with so many of my new friends. Nora's dinner party was such a fabulous affair, elegantly brought in a magnificent Fifth Avenue and Central Park penthouse suite. We had arrived in a limo specifically sent by Nora and handed off to a specially assigned escort and taken to a private elevator. The doors opened directly into the brilliant center of the suite, the mammoth great room.Nora and Jerome, her husband, were waiting as the elevator doors opened. She immediately swept me into her arms as Ryan accepted Jerome's hand and thus began the grand tour of the room. new child model Introductions for Ryan, hugs and kisses for me, it was a whirlwind trip through an extremely beautiful group of friends and spouses: totally enchanting as though a princess and her escort were being introduced to society.The suite was, just as I ha expected, a memorial to the great artists of the past two centuries. teenage young model The primary piece, centered over the fireplace and, I'm sure, surrounded by enormous security, was a very large format, original Picasso oil on canvas. gymnastic peteen model Others that I desired to steal were Inness landscapes and a particularly magnificent William Merritt Chase oil that boy gay model I had lusted after for many years.Bronzes and marble statuary were abundant in a beautifully defined atmosphere that heralded culture, warmth and sophistication that immediately captured and captivated all who entered. And, as host, Nora was resplendent in a Versace gown that defied description as it perfectly enhanced her beautiful face and form.Ryan, of course, was wonderful! He greeted everyone of my friends with such class and grace that they were stunned and, as I fully expected, fell immediately in love with him. Especially, little Deborah and littler Loren who grabbed his arms and led him to the dance floor, shaking their little booties at him with utter disregard for anything other than Ryan. He looked so cute as he tried to keep up with them and he was doing extremely well until Loren wrapped herself around him and almost crushed him in her tiny arms. At that point, I performed a quick rescue.As we left the dance floor, my wonderfully classic Linda walked up to us. Absolutely radiant in a full length white sheath, her long, long braid, trailing behind her, past her beautiful ass, her dark almond eyes were glowing as she approached. As I introduced them, her long, slender arm reached out to Ryan and I immediately sensed tension. He graciously accepted her tiny hand and held it for a long moment, his eyes losing russian amatuer models just a tiny bit of their luster and focus. As if nothing had happened, Linda continued her conversation with us and asked Ryan to dance.As they walked to the dance floor, Nora model nn child approached. "Problems, Randi?" she asked, the slightest bit of concern showing on her beautiful face. Her intuition, as usual, immediately picking up on the tension between Ryan and Linda."No, I don't think so, Nora. I think Ryan's experiencing just a little backflashing, that's all. I told you, his childmodelstoplist days in Vietnam, Cambodia, those kinds of places left a very large hole freelance porn model in his heart that he still hasn't resolved. He seems to be handling it better that I expected, though.""He is a treasure, Randi," Nora whispered. "He is sweet, charming, and a definite monster hunk,": she added, smiling at me."I told you so, didn't I?" I whispered back. "He's my pride and joy. Like I said, I must have really done something really good somewhere, sometime, to deserve someone like that." My arm snaked around Nora's tiny waist, my lips pressing against her cheek.Ryan and Linda returned, hand in hand, smiling wonderfully, albeit breathing somewhat heavily. . Nora immediately grabbed Ryan and led him to the dance floor as Linda and I walked to the bar for a refill. We took our drinks and stood by the fireplace, arms around each other's waists."Ryan had bad experiences in Vietnam, didn't he, Randi?" she whispered to me, her eyes fixed on the dancing twosome. Her statement stunned me. I looked into her eyes and hidden there, just a tiny speck, was a sorrow that I felt as surely as though it were my own."Oh, Linda, please don't take it personally. It has absolutely nothing to do with you, darling," I soothed her, desperate to remove any worries or bad thoughts. "Ryan led a number of raids into those areas of the world and he still has a hard time talking about the atrocities he discovered there. Some were so bad, his partner refused to come back to the states. He's still in Bangkok to this day.""Oh, I'm not feeling any resentment, Randi, please" Linda quickly said, her hand soothing against my cheek. "I only meant that I could feel his heartbreak. He's fighting his feelings so hard, I only worry that he must come to terms with it someday and the sooner the better for him and for you."I gazed into her young and delicate face very yong models for a moment, then hugged her tight. How could one so young have such intuition, I thought?As Linda and I returned our gaze to the dance floor, we watched in amazement as a path seemed to clear toward Ryan and Nora as the magnificent, statuesque black amazon, Cleo, glided across the floor. She stopped only a few inches behind Nora, staring at Ryan with what seemed to be an animalistic glare. I watched as a tiny smile curled her lips and her fingers lightly touched Nora's shoulder, gently cutting in. Nora smiled up at Cleo as she surrendered my hero to her. Uhoh, I thought.Only slightly shorter than Ryan's fashion modeling 6'3", sheathed in a shimmering gold leaf floor length gown, Cleo was the absolute essence of beauty as she slid easily into Ryan's arms. Her long braids were wrapped in hundreds of beads which cascaded over her naked black shoulders and back and down between her magnificent breasts. She hugged Ryan to her and swayed to the rythym of the slow dancing music."You can trust him, Darling," Nora said, her hand touching my shoulder. "She's panty model good, but not good enough to steal Ryan from you." I clasped her hand lucia teen model in mine and said, "I know, Nora. I know, but, still, it kind of hurts. You know, before she even met him, she was asking me about a threesome that would include Ryan."Nora smiled and, taking my hand in hers, led me away from the dancing to a her own private sanctuary, her private study. As we entered the room and the door closed behind us, the rest of the criowd was left behind and nude perteen model we were child japan model alone in a whole other, special world. As I looked around the room, I was amazed once again at Nora. The room could not have appealed to me more if I had done it myself. The room was filled with treasures. Another Remington bronze sat on the corner of a massive Gustav Stickney desk. Antique bookcases lined the walls floor to raised ceiling. Only one wall was available for artwork and it was perfect: A moderate sized Renoir and two smaller, magnificent Matisse oils.Absently, I wandered to the desk, gently stroking the Remington Mountain Man bronze as Nora crept up behind me and wrapped her tiny, slender arms around my waist. I leaned back against my friend, my head a full six inches above hers, my face lifted, my eyes closed. Slowly, I turned around and took her beautiful face in my hands and gently kissed her open lips, accepting her tongue deep into my mouth. Her perfume was making my legs weak as our hands nude 16yo model anxiously caressed each other's bodies. Stepping back, Nora led me behind the desk and sat me down in the chair.Smiling, her eyes locked on mine, Nora knelt before me and slid her hands onto my bare legs, pushing my dress higher and higher until I lifted my ass and let her expose my silk-enclosed pussy. Her fingers slid beneath the waist of my panties and pulled them down over my ass and hips and down my thighs. In heated anticipation, I slowly spread my legs, inviting a special visit from Nora's face. Smiling, Nora began to plant kisses and licks all along my thighs, the tops, the inner sides, drinking up the juices that had begun to leak from my heated cunt. I began to shudder and moan from the chills her lips were sending throughout my body.Nora progressed further up my body until her tongue touched my juice-laden pussy hair, lapping it up as she made her way to the swollen outer lips of my pussy. I was moaning constantly now as her tongue found and caressed my clitoris, followed quickly by her nipping teeth. I let out a barking noise as she suddenly drove her tongue full length into my quivering pussy hole, her hands reaching under me to cup my ass, pulling more of me into her mouth."Oh, God, oh God, oh God," I murmured over and over as her ravenous mouth devoured my pussy and swallowed my juices. A series of "Fuck me, Noras" escaped my lips as I started my mini orgasms, rising higher and higher on the intensity scale as her face began to scrub my pussy clean of all moisture. When her finger found my anus, I exploded in a gulping, overpowering orgasm, intensified by my holding her face tight against me.Moments later, when I found the strength to lift Nora's face to mine, I smiled at that wicked little grin that she sometimes used. I kissed her hard on the lips, tasting myself in her mouth. With a groan, I seized her by her hips and hoisted her 95 pounds up onto the edge of the $250,000 desk, spread her legs wide and, discovering that she had attended her own party sans panties, I began to suck every single ounce of her juices from her perfect little pussy. Her juices were so sweet, the tartness began to bring about another series of jolting orgasms in me as well.Sometime later, after we had retreated to the adjoining private bath to clean up and refresh our makeup, Nora and I sat together on the leather couch, basking in the heated glow of the fireplace and our own two bodies. We sat there quietly, staring at the fire, our hands together."You needn't worry about either Ryan or Cleo, My Sweet. russin model I consider myself an expert on visuals and Ryan is yours for life. And, Cleo has a huge and I mean huge reason not to get involved in anything more than a threesome. If Ryan is game, I say go for it, Girlfriend."I squeezed her hand and thought about it for a moment. Well, if I'm there with them, how could it be cheating? And, I know he loves me and wouldn't leave me. Is any of this true or am I merely making it sound good because I'm turned on models dasha the by the idea? Shit!The door to the library suddenly burst open as Deborah and Loren came running into the room. "Okay! What's goin' on in here without us?" Loren said, her face set in a classic pout. Deborah settled in her Great Aunt's lap and wrapped her arms around her neck while Loren climbed aboard mine. Grateful for the interruption to my thoughts, I let my hand gently glide over Loren's soft, smooth legs and watched her pout disappear."Nothing now, Darling," I said, continuing to caress her soft legs. "Just talking. Girl talk.""Girl talk, huh?" Loren began, her tiny, cute nose crinkling as she sniffed my breath, "Or, about Ryan Dreamboat out there?" she joked."What a hunk, Randi," Deborah posited, her cheek caressing her Great Aunt's breasts. "What a positively hunky hunk!""See the influence you have on their impressionable minds, Randi? They still love boys," Nora laughed."And men! Ryan is definitely a man!" Loren added."Well," I said, swinging Loren off my lap and standing up, "It's time to rescue Randi from Cleo before she entices him into a bedroom!"I found Ryan standing bambam latina model by the fireplace talking very intimately with both Linda and Cleo, whose hand was tightly wrapped around Ryan's arm. As I approached, her hand fell away. Ryan's eyes brightened when he saw me (Thank God for that!) and he put his drink on the mantel and hugged me. "Please don't leave me alone with these women again, honey. I've getting groped all over the place." He whispered in my ear. "Not that that's a bad way to die, but " he added."Come on, Lover. I want to get you home and fuck your brains out," I said, loud enough for all to hear. Ryan kissed me and left to get our coats. As I turned to Linda and Cleo, Cleo grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor for a final round before we left. Held in her strong, sleek arms, my face resting so perfectly between her impossibly soft, marvelously scented breasts, I couldn't resist kissing and licking them. In return Cleo's hands slid down to cup and squeeze my ass."Mmmmmmm, Darlin', I love to feel you in my arms" Cleo whispered in my ear. "About that threesome business, I really apologize for bringing it up. That was very cruel of me to impose. I don't want anything to come between our friendship and I can certainly understand where lilly model you're comin' from. Okay?"I was about to answer her when a large black finger pressed against my lips."Shhhh, Don't answer, Sugar. Talk to Ryan and let me know. It's no problem either way. Believe me, Huns, I want you now so badly, I just might grab you right here and ravish you," she whispered, her tongue nuzzling into my ear canal. I shivered, my hand resting on her cheek as she sent sparklers throughout my body. God, I wanted her so badly sandrateenmodel right now!"Cleo, I'm going to wet my dress! Stop that," I giggled."Mmmmmm, yummy," she whispered, darting her tongue into my ear and down behind it to my neck. "We can take care of that in the bathroom," she added."Mmmm, if you keep that up, I may have to take you up on that," I whimpered."Tell you what. You and Ryan are officially invited to my New Years Eve bash, Honey. nn model fourteen You don't have any plans yet, do you?" he asked."Uh, no, not that I can think of," I said, glancing at Ryan as he approached, "If I can get a sitter, that is," I added."Oh, I think little Julie would be glad to sit for us," Ryan said with a smirk "Fact is, I think she would do just about anything for you.""Julie is back from Europe?" A voice from several feet away called out. Loren dashed over to wrap her arm around my waist. "When can we meet her?" she asked, her smile devastating, her tongue lolling outside her mouth."Down, Girl," Cleo laughed. "Randi will fix you up, don't worry. You have to learn patience."New Years Eve And, now, the time has finally arrived. New Years Eve is here and I'm absolutely frightened to death! Am I doing the right thing, here? Is Cleo too much for Ryan to handle? Or, for that matter, for me? Oh, God, I am so frightened!Just then, the doorbell rang. I looked at Ryan and he shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he didn't expect anyone. I excused myself, leaving Ryan alone with Julie as I headed to the front door. I opened it and took about three giant steps backward."Hi, Randi," Loren cried, jumping into my arms and kissing me hard on the lips as Deborah stood in the doorway, laughing at my confusion."Wh. . .what are you two doing here?" I stuttered."Well," Loren began, disengaging herself from me and deliberately straightening my dress for me, "We knew you'd be going to Cleo's for her party and we came over to keep Julie company. Isn't that right, Deborah""Oh, absolutely, yes," Deborah said, with a straight face. "We wouldn't want her to be lonely on her first night sitting for you, Randi. Or," she continued, looking all around the foyer, "for that husband of yours."Oh, great, I thought. As if I didn't have enough to worry about. Now this?"Look girls, come into the library. I want to talk to you," I said, leading them both by the hand through double doors off the foyer. Looking at each other, Loren and Deborah followed me closely. When we were in the room, I closed the door and asked the girls to sit down on the couch opposite me. I put on two faces: one, my most model cars pontiac serious and two, my most conspiratorial."Okay, girls. Ground rules. First, you can stay ONLY if Julie agrees. That is entirely up to her and no coercion from you two little nuts. And, two and this is absolutely the most important rule of all and no compromises - my kids are definitely off limits. You have to be sure they're asleep and the doors locked wherever you do whatever it is that you're going to do. Do I have your absolute promise on this?"I fixed them with the stare of death and waited as they exchanged glances. When they responded, it was with a sincerity rarely seen from these two little nymphets."Randi, there is absolutely nothing that we would ever do to hurt you. Or, your family. Of course we agree," Loren began. "We love you.""Now, if Ryan wants to stay home with us, that's a different story," Deborah said, feigning sincerity."Yeah, sure," I said, finally letting a smile drift across my face. "Okay. Lovers' honor?" I asked.Deborah and Loren jumped up at the same time and sat down next to me, cuddling their heads against my shoulders. "Lovers' honor," they whispered in unison. I kissed each of them on their foreheads and stood up."Okay, then" I began. "You wait here and I'll get Julie." I walked to the door, turned back and smiled, blowing them each a kiss.As I 14yo ls model entered the great room, Julie was just returning from getting the girls off to bed. "Julie, can I speak to you alone for a moment?" I asked as Ryan walked away, whistling under his breath."Julie," I began as I walked with her to the library, "I have two young friends who would like to help you babysit tonight."Julie's eyes opened wide as I opened the library door. With a noticeable gulp, she turned to me and smiled. "Hi, Julie," came the dual chant from Deborah and Loren as they came forward and took her arms, leading her to the couch."Now, listen all of you," I said. "I told Deborah and Loren, here, that there are two ground rules here. You're in charge. Whatever you say goes. And, the kids upstairs are absolutely off limits. Now, Julie, do you want them to stay?""Are you kidding? I read your stories, Randi. You bet I want them to stay!"Heaving a sigh, I took each of them into my arms and kissed each lightly on the lips. When it was Julie's turn, I whispered into her ear, " I want a full report, kiddo."As Ryan and I drove into New York, little was said. I sat very close to him, my hand on his leg the whole way, occasionally glancing up at him, noting the obvious attempt at maintaining his control. Finally, he turned to me as we exited the Lincoln tunnel and turned toward Greenwich Village."Not too late to turn back, Honey. You know all I need is you.""Thank you for that, Sweetie. But, if I didn't think I could trust you not to be turned by being with Cleo, I wouldn't have come in the first place. You and I have been through too much to turn away from each other now," I whispered, reaching up to kiss his cheek. lily nn model "I love you, Sweetie." I cooed.His strong hand squeezed my leg, reassuring me.As we pulled up to Cleo's condo and swung into the only available parking place, I waited patiently for Ryan to open the door for me. We walked up the stairs to the apartment building and entered. The party was well underway as we knocked on the door, the noise level already reverberating down the hall. The door was opened by what was surely the largest, tallest human body I had ever seen.Fully six and a half feet tall and weighing at least 275, Malcom Green stood barring our way into Cleo's condo. Now I understood just what Nora meant by a huge reason, etc. With a huge grin on his handsome face, he extended a hand the size of a skateboard toward Ryan, no slouch in that category either. "I'm Malcom, Cleo's friend, dejour. And, you have to be Randi and Ryan. She sure wasn't kidding about you, Randi. Or, you, Ryan. Come on in. Party's already going strong."We handed our coats to the maid near the door and stepped down into the great room and were soon buried in a mass of humanity.A more eclectic group could not have greeted us, filling the large great room of the townhouse to capacity. All manner of dress, too, including the brilliantly tuxedoed and gowned, the grunged, the designer jeans outfits and, more my personal favorite, the stylishly dressed. I recognized several celebrities and carefully steered clear of them, anxious to avoid the entourage that followed their every movement. Some, however, were definitely difficult to avoid, which provided Ryan with a chance to bandy political wits. He usually devastates his opponents on those issues and tonight, he was in spectacular form.As I excused myself and wandered the room, I nodded and acknowledged long times with people I knew and did not know alike. Altogether, a thoroughly timeless mini sex modell journey with a truly interesting group of people. As I approached the bar for a refill, a tap on my shoulder turned me around.Cleo! Oh, my God, my knees began to quiver as I gazed up at her like a Goddess on a pedestal. How can one possible describe such a woman? At well over six feet tall, most women were gawky, timid and woefully shy. Cleo was tall, yes. But, there was not a single ounce of fat on her entire body, with measurements of 38D, 23, 35. I felt absolutely undressed in my black $2,500 Calvin Klein dress (I love Calvin!) with gold highlights and deep cut bodice and no back at all. Cleo wore a floor length Versace gown of shimmering silver and gold that hugged every solitary inch of her body, off the shoulder, her bare shoulders, back and arms a shimmering black contrast. Her hair, while still braided and beaded, was brilliantly wrapped around her head, her ears offset by hanging diamond earrings. Topping it off was a startling diamond necklace surrounding her long black neck. Her extraordinarily high cheek bones, her full lips, her huge eyes and long lashes projected an image that should not be allowed within 100 miles of a married man."Hello, Precious," she greeted me, her rich, thick accent coating each and every word. When her powerful black arms surrounded my and pulled me against her body, I was lost. My arms slipped under hers and squeezed her to me in that familiar Hollywood cheek kiss. "Kiss, kiss," I murmured, laughing.Cleo pulled back, holding my hands at arms' length. "Randi, Girlfriend, you look delicious," she said, meaning it asian model cheetah's sincerely."Sweetheart, if I'd known you would look like this, I would have stayed home in my PJs, watching Dick Clark on the tele," I said, unable to tear my eyes myanmar model girls off her magnificent tits. "If I had a spoon, I'd eat you ls galleries models right here in front of everybody," I continued."Mmmmm," Cleo murmured, wrapping her arm around my shoulders like a little girl. "So, you like chocolate, huh?" she whispered.She laughed as my face must have instantly reddened. "Randi, you are so wonderful to tease," she laughed again. "Have you met Malcom?" she asked, looking around the room for her boyfriend."You mean the giant? Oh, yes, yes, yes, I certainly have," I said. german teen models "How do you walk the next day, girl?""Believe me, it's not easy," as you may find out if you play your cards right."Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks. 'Uh, Cleo, it took me a long time to convince Ryan to come here tonight, sweetheart. He's worried sick that I would get jealous, be afraid, you know. He wouldn't take too lightly to my . . . no, I i""Randi, come transsexual model amanda out onto the patio with me" Cleo interrupted, taking my hand and leading me quickly through the French doors and out into the brilliant, chilly evening. The noises of the crowds below, reading themselves for the coming celebration were loudest out here as I walked to the railing. Behind me, Cleo placed her long fingers onto my shoulders and held her body against mine. I shuddered so hard, she had to hold me tighter. Her lips touched the side of zone teen model my neck, sending new chills up my spine.Turning me around to face her, Cleo began, "Randi, listen to me. I love you just like a sister. Absolutely nothing happens tonight unless you absolutely, definitely say it's okay. I've been thinking of making love to you all week, Girl. But, that can happen anytime. And, Ryan? Yo! Yes, in a heartbeat, love. But, see, Malcom and I are a definite thing. I love him and he loves me. No way I would come between you two. I just wanted you both to know what it means to share love in a passion skinny models porn like ours," she said, her serious look clouding her smile."But think of this, Girlfriend," she said, moving closer and closer. "With those two magnificent cocks around, we won't need that dildo, will we?" she snickered."Oh, shit, Cleo," I laughed, "you're impossible. I reached out and brought her beautiful face to mine, my lips seeking her large, soft and delicious ones. Her tongue was already on its way into my mouth, delving impossibly deep down my throat as my hands could no longer resist the temptation of those incredible breasts, touching and squeezing whatever exposed flesh I could reach."Well, looky here, Ryan," a deep, stentorian voice boomed from teen models pussy the doorway. "We have come upon a tryst between two lovely and nn tenn models delicate flowers of the feminine kind, here."Cleo and I pulled apart abruptly and suddenly laughed. I walked to Ryan and looked up into his eyes, searching for anything that would settle the evening, one way or another. modeling foe teens I don't want to make this decision, I thought. I don't child model want to hurt anyone. Suddenly, powerful hands on my shoulders pulled me forward, thickly muscled arms held me tight as Ryan's lips covered mine."We guys were talking just now," malcom said, leaning against the railing. "And, we were thinking that this is the beginning of the naked african models new Millennium. Well, actually, that's next year, but anyway, what better way to start it off than a totally new and fabulous experience? So, he's willing and I'm willing and if you two girls can handle two super studswell, we'll let you decide that," he said.Ryan took my hand and led me to the far corner of pedo porn models the veranda. He held both of my hands in his and stared that Ryan stare when he wanted to get a point across to me. God, his eyes were especially blue this evening!"Sweetheart, I came here tonight for you," he began. ace models teen "If you'd rather go home and get into your jammies with body painting model me, that would be great. We can cuddle alone in front of the TV and do all the teen prague models wonderful things to each other that we love to do. And, yes to all that you're thinking: Yes, Cleo is magnificent, but in my eyes, you are the most wonderful woman in the world. The only one kasandra model for me. And, I honestly don't know how I'll react about the Malcom thing, but I can promise you this: I love you and will always love you and we will be stronger for it"Ryan kissed me hard, his tongue probing deep into my mouth, holding me impossible tight. Reluctantly, I let Ryan go as he joined Malcom at the door and left me alone with my thoughts and Cleo. Beautiful, soft, sexy and so sophisticated Cleo. Editor of a major media publication, she certainly out-sophisticated me! And, now she was proving it again. Leaving me alone with my thoughts, she had quietly left the veranda and returned to her guests while all I could think of was that I was sorry I'd quite cigarettes 20 years ago. Even a cigar would do!I have so much to be thankful for, I thought. Ryan, three beautiful daughters, wonderful new friends, a great executive position in the most highly competitive field in the world. Why am I so afraid to shake up my world, I thought? Why am I so unsure of what I have?Ryan's not. Damn it, that's the point! He's so sure of his feelings and sure of me that he's not hesitating to test that love. So, why am I? Poor little Midwestern diecast models toronto girl, making it in the big city and pretending to be so ultra-sophisticated. But, I'm just a small town girl at heart. Afraid to rock the boat.I can't believe I'm doing this, I thought, as I rummaged through the ashtray 1957 pontiac models for a used cigarette, found one and picked up a pack of matches. I took in a deep breath, the modelbondage first in twenty years and I began to cough legal teen model so loud, pa nude models I thought I would need an ambulance. Fuck, I thought, throwing down the butt, I knew there was a reason I'd given them up!I opened small breast models my bag and took out my compact, checked myself in the tiny mirror and walked back inside. As midnight was approaching, the people had congregated into cliques and it wasn't difficult to spot Ryan by the bar. I walked to him, kid underwear model trying desperately to look the urbane sophisticate, alison teen model the know-all New York business lady and, in my eyes, failing miserably."Hi," I said, looking up into Ryan's big blues, leaning forward to kiss his soft lips. "Think you can handle two sexy women, lover?" I asked.Ryan took my face in his and held it for a few seconds, his eyes reflecting more gold than usual. He was about to speak when that same booming voice bellowed:"Ten! Nine! Eight! ," as the crowd of revelers began to chant with him. "Three! Two! One! Happy New Century!"Ryan took hold of my face desk top models again and stared into my eyes. "Happy New Year, darling. I love you," he whispered and kissed me teen models videos hard. My arms wrapped tightly around his thick, muscled neck, pulling him as close as possible, holding on for dear life to my man.As I opened my eyes and gazed over Ryan's shoulder, I saw Cleo and Malcom breaking their embrace and watching us. Smiling at them, my thumb rose behind Ryan's back. With a bright smile, Cleo motioned towards the stairs behind her and began to artwork laurie model climb with Malcom."Let's go upstairs," I whispered into Ryan's ear. I took his hand and began to lead him to the stairs. Glancing up, we saw Cleo waiting at the top of the stairs, her long exquisite leg peering through the slit in her gown. Dark brown chocolate, smooth and creamy, impossibly delicious. As we reached the landing, she enveloped us both with her long, sinewy arms, kissing each teenie model nn of us on the cheek. She turned her back and, reaching behind her, took each or our hands and led us into her giant bedroom."Malcom might join us later," Cleo began. "Anyway, I want both of you for myself now," she smiled, her lips slightly parted. After letting us enter the grand bedroom, Cleo slowly backed up to the door and locked it.It was amazing how much Cleo's bedroom mirrored Nora's, including the huge fireplace fronted by a large, white, thick ls model mpeg shag rug littered with pillows, a four poster bed diagonally in the far corner and strictly Victorian Era antiques and paintings. Cleo stood by the fireplace as Ryan and I watched her begin to undress. First, she removed the band that held her long beaded braids, watching as they fell over her soft chocolate shoulders and down her back. Her hands slipped behind her and her zipper began a slow, tantalizing move downward, the top of her dress falling away from her huge breasts. Wearing no bra, they tumbled free as the dress fell to her ankles, leaving only a pair of thong panties between Cleo and our small world.As if in a fog, I walked to Cleo and knelt russian binkie models before her as if praying to an idol. My fingers touched her gleaming black thighs and crawled upwards over her hips to the band of her thong and began to draw them down. Over her hips, her soft and delicious ass and down her thighs, the thong pulled away from the tiny curly hairs of her pussy, already drenched in her juices. Standing, I backed away from Cleo to survey.I've said it before: Cleo gayla dawn model was an exact black replica of Lucy Lawless, Xena. A warrior princess with long, perfectly shaped legs, a protruding pussy mound, flat stomach and large, succulent tits. Her long beaded hair reminded me of the two tennis playing sisters. nude naked models She was, without any doubt, the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I glanced at Ryan, watched as his eyes glazed at Cleo's perfection and suddenly, somehow, I knew that my worries were foolish. His eyes were not filled with love, as I've seen them with me. Lust, like mine poured from them.Turning back to Cleo, I approached her and gently lifted her magnificent tits in my hands, hefting their weight, my mouth descending to tongue her rock hard nipples. She gasped as my teeth surrounded first one nipple, then the other, my hands squeezing the soft flesh. With an effort, Cleo removed my mouth from her body and began to undress me.First, her japanese teen modeling lips surrounded mine, her tongue pressing urgently, worming its way into my mouth. Her hands held my face to hers as we mixed our saliva and my hands caressed her soft dark arms and down to her hips. Her hands magically surrounded my body to grasp the zipper of my dress, slowly drawing it down. As it fell away, my tits spilled out into her waiting hands. God, my blood was boiling as her fingers squeezed my nipples, followed quickly by her long, thick tongue.Cleo knelt before me and began to slide my tiny panties down my legs, my red bush holding them for an instant before she pulled them from the wetness between my legs and off. Naked, we embraced, our bodies merging into one squirming mass. Then, gini teen model as one, we stopped and turned toward Ryan.All during our performance, done nude ebony models to extreme for his benefit, Ryan stood near the door, resplendent in his tuxedo, his jacket open, his hand strategically placed in his trouser pocket. I watched him as his eyes took in the tableau before him, knowing exactly what he was thinking and what was happening to him. As one, Cleo and I opened our arms and held them little teen modells out to him.Ryan walked to the fireplace and stood between Cleo and me, seemingly at a loss for what to do next. Cleo settled that by taking his bearded face in her long, black fingers and pressing her lips over his. Her tongue shot past that barrier into his mouth, searching for his, found it and swirled over and over it. I watched as his hands held her strong, supple arms, squeezing the soft dark flesh. I reached out to slip his jacket from his shoulders and threw model teen thumb it across the room. I moved around on my knees between them and began to remove his trousers, drawing the zipper down and dropping them around his ankles. As he stepped out of them, Cleo grabbed his shirt and pulled, sending buttons flying, allowing the shirt to fall to the floor.Cleo caught her breath as she gazed at Ryan's broad shoulders and hairy chest, the corded muscles of his abdomen. "Mmmm, Girlfriend, do not let this one get too far away," she murmured as her hands began to run over his hard body. Ryan smiled shyly at the compliment and reached out to touch her great tits with his large, calloused hands.Smiling to myself, I reached for Ryan's shorts and began to pull them down. My hand reached inside to pull his massive cock out of the way and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, he stepped back somewhat as Cleo's eyes dropped. And, opened wide."Oh, Holy Mother," she whispered, her eyes glued to Ryan's fully hardened 8 inches of thick, wonderful cock. Her hand reached down to heft his tennis ball-sized balls as I watched proudly at the reverence paid to my man. "This is some beauty, my love," she whispered to me.Without a word, my hand took blonde model pictures Ryan's cock and pulled it down to little model tits my mouth, my lips opening wide to surround his cock head. Ryan groaned at the double ministration of his cock and balls as Cleo and I serviced him. His eyes closed and his head back, he moaned as my mouth continued to swallow more and more of him down my throat. Cleo released his balls and began to kiss and lick her way down his chest, stopping to suck on his hardened nipples, enjoying his suddenly weakened knees. She continued her tongue trip down to his thick, wiry pubic hair and down to my face, licking my lips where they surrounded Ryan's cock.Continuing further down, Cleo's tongue touched Ryan's balls, causing him to stumble and almost fall, a loud, deep groan emerging from his lips. He placed his hands on our heads to keep from falling nakeed models as Cleo and I showed absolutely no mercy, continuing our devouring of the tasty treat before us. Cleo's hands moved around me and grabbed Ryan's rock hard ass in her hands, holding him tight against my sucking mouth and her ambitious tongue."God, I want that thang in my pussy," Cleo moaned as my mouth slurped up preeteen male models to the tip, releasing it for her mouth. I watched as her thick dark lips surrounded Ryan's cock and swallowed the length of it down her throat in a single gulp. Her head moved up and down that delicious monster, slurping sounds mixing with Ryan's increased groans. Carefully, I eased my hands onto Ryan's legs and urged him to lie down on the pristine white rug. Cleo followed him, not willing to give up on his cock for even a moment.Ryan lay with his arms stretched above his head, Cleo hungrily holding his cock in italian models her mouth. I com model nude moved behind her, my hands sliding up her soft, powerful thighs, feeling the heat of her radiate onto my nude models producer hands. Reaching her soft, delicious ass, I began to bathe her dark ass cheeks with my lips and my tongue. My tongue began to lick the stretch of her ass crackup and down, bringing gurgled cries of passion from her cock-filled mouth. My tongue slid down from her ass crack to her pussy, my fingers spreading her black pussy lips apart, her soaking wet pink pussy appearing to my devouring eyes.My tongue began megan amateur model to lick the length of her pussy, from the puddles of cum in her pussy hole to the long, hardened flesh of her clitoris. Reaching my mouth up, my teeth locked onto her, chewing that extension of flesh, my tongue flicking over its tip. Cleo grabbed Ryan's ass tighter as she increased her cock sucking and, at the same time, thrusting her pussy back hard into my face.Ryan's hands kept busy, squeezing and massaging Cleo's wondrous titties, his head thrashing back and forth, fighting hard to keep from coming. He watched as his cock appeared and disappeared into Cleo's sucking mouth, his hands sliding over the absolutely flawless skin of this black Amazon. Gamely, he fought to keep his sanity at the overwhelming explosion of passion that wracked his body.Finally releasing Ryan's cock, Cleo whimpered, "Please, Randi, please let me fuck his cock. Please," she pleaded with me, my mouth continuing to suck hard at her pre model tgp cunt. sexy lesbian model Licking my way from her pussy, over her thighs and up her side, I grasped her polished black thigh and swung it over Ryan's waist. I held onto Ryan's cock and kept it upright as I urged Cleo to slowly lower her cunt. First, just the tip of his cock head touched her open, wet pussy hole. Screaming now, she tried to drop completely down, but I resisted hard, permitting her only to experience a teen sierra model slow, deliberate penetration, 13 teen model watching as inch after inch of Ryan's cock disappeared into the black ring of her pussy. Cleo was losing control, her screams of pleasure reverberating off the bedroom's soundproofed walls. First the head disappeared between those teen models iligal dark pussy lips. Then another inch, then three, four, five, six inches sank out of sight into her depths. My hands held her ass tight, allowing only a small amount at a time. Now, seven inches had entered her, then eight now, the final inch of cock slid into Cleo's cunt as her ass fell heavily onto his ftv model kim bloated balls. Cleo let out a last loud cry as she felt the fullness in her pussy. Sitting still as she rocked in a circular motion on Ryan's cock, her pussy lips clenching and unclenching.Ryan's eyes were wide open, his hands holding Cleo's marvelous tits tight in his large hands, squeezing them hard, fingers pinching the nipples harder. He reached up to pull Cleo down to him, his lips searching for hers, his tongue driving deep into her mouth. His hands continued down Cleo's soft smooth back, to her hips, holding her in place over his cock. Slowly, he lifted the helpless woman's hips up until his cock barely remained embedded in her pussy."Ah ah ah ah," Cleo stuttered as her body was lifted atop Ryan's cock Then, he pulled her down hard onto him, impaling her on his throbbing cock, bringing another loud scream of lust from Cleo's lips. Slowly, Ryan began the steady, rocking lifting, dropping of Cleo on his cock.I crawled down the bed, my tongue licking all along Ryan's body, tasting his heat and passion as I went along. Pausing whenever I encountered Cleo's flesh, I licked the soft, chocolate skin, her perspiration tangy on my tongue. I reached Cleo's hips and circled behind her, her soft, juicy ass facing me. I began to lick every square millimeter of tgp model flesh of her beautiful ass as it moved up and down, enveloping my husband's cock. My hands held her ass aloft as my tongue licked at her pussy where Ryan's cock was embedded. My tongue touched his cock as well, tasting the juices that coated both of them."Oh, my God, I'm going to gush . . . I going to come all over you, baby," Cleo cried, her cries blending with Ryan's as they approached their mighty orgasm. I moved back out of the way and spread Cleo's ass cheeks wide, burying my face in the cleft, my tongue stabbing into mikes models nude her clutching asshole.My fingers moved to my pussy, plunging inside, stroking myself as I continued tonguing Cleo's amazing asshole. Faster and faster, her hips gyrated in a circular motion on Ryan's pistoning cock. Suddenly, with a huge cry, Ryan exploded, his cum pouring in long, continual spurts into Cleo's clutching cunt. Cleo was crying, tears pouring down her magnificent face as she came in continuous spasms, crying out in pure, unadulterated passion.My orgasm models nacked his scant moments later, my face still buried between Cleo's clutching ass cheeks, my tongue dancing inside her hole, my fingers buried deep within my pussy. As I slowly began to climb down from my high, I continued licking her asshole, then slipped down to taste the residue of Ryan's explosion. Mixed with Cleo's cum, it was a delicious concoction. Mmmmmm, yummy!As I crawled away from Cleo's ass, I crept up alongside Ryan and Cleo and wrapped my arms around both my lovers, my hands lightly caressing both of them. Cleo's face, flush with Ryan's chest, was soaked in sweat, her lips curled in a tight smile, her eyes flashing. She leaned over and kissed me, her tongue licking up the cum that was splattered on my face. Together, we leaned up and began to kiss Ryan's lips, two tongues forcing themselves between his lips. His mighty hands held lingerie modeling sex both our heads against his, kissing first Cleo then me."Well, that is a first," he wheezed, still trying to catch ama dues model his breath. "I have never done it with two women before. Now I can die happy," he laughed as my hand crept down to touch his cock, still embedded within the folds of Cleo's pretten model vids pussy. God, I thought. He's still hard as a rock!"Does that thing ever go down, Randi?" Cleo asked, squirming her pussy around Ryan's thunderstick."When he sleeps," I muttered, snuggling into Ryan's shoulder. "Sometimes," I 13yo asian model snickered.Slowly, Cleo raised her stretched pussy from Ryan's staff, sliding down to engulf his cock, licking all of their combined juices into her mouth. She continued to nurse the hot tube for several minutes before turning to me."Now, rapidshare model it's your turn, Girlfriend," Cleo said, crawling from Ryan's body to mine, her hands stroking my thighs as her tongue began licking my tummy. Her hands traced tiny lines on my thighs, around to my hips and up my sides and joined her mouth at my breasts. Ryan leaned on his elbow, watching Cleo manipulate my body, his cock resting, fully sex models top charged against his thigh. I relished his eyes on us as Cleo began to work her magic on me. My juices were already flowing again as her mouth opened wide to encompass my tit, lips wrapped around my nipple. Her teeth began to chew lightly on the nipple sending shivers up and down my spine.My fingers wound around in her beaded braids as she continued to leisurely nurse at my tits. I let my hands slide all over her dark, delicious skin, reveling in the feel of her smoothness. Slowly, Cleo's lips began to move down, licking my tummy, planting kisses all along the way. Soon, her mouth arrived at my red pussy hair thatch, carefully and lovingly trimmed. Her tongue lapped up the juices that coated the hair, her hands holding onto my hips. As I drifted off in a haze of passion, I glanced at Ryan and watched as his hand lightly stoked his cock, watching intently as Cleo began to take me to a higher plane.Cleo crawled between my legs, kissing and licking all over my thighs, over the smooth front and around to my inner thighs, licking up all the spent juices and those that had newly leaked from my pussy hole. Her tongue was sending sparklers through my 16 model xxx body as she invaded that delicate space between my thighs and my pussy, coursing all over that wonderful netherworld of my feelings. When her tongue touched my clitoris, I let out a loud cry and arched my back, forcing my pussy hard against her face. My hands went to model photo pussy her head, holding her face hard against me child lingerie model as I began to writhe in an agony of passion. My head crashed against the floor, first left, then right as waves of mini orgasms passed through my body.Slowly, Cleo's tongue moved down to touch the puddles of cum around my pussy hole, lapping it up, swallowing it, licking her lips at its tanginess. Her eyes peered up at me as she continued to feast, eyes flashing with lust and, I think, love, as she continued to eat me. Her hands reached beneath me to cup my firm buttocks, squeezing them hard as she lifted my pussy to her mouth. Oh, God, oh God, I can feel it starting, I thought, my hands now clutching her beads hard. I felt her finger begin to slip between my buttocks and touch my asshole, bringing a loud cry. I reached out my hand toward Ryan, who took it in his own, holding it tightly, his lips pressing it hard.Cleo began to move her face hard against my pussy now, sending spasms through my body as I came closer and closer to an explosion. Her hands left my ass and took hold of my thighs, placing them over her shoulders. Pushing them toward my chest, my pussy and asshole came into her view. Now, her tongue really let go. Running continually up and down my pussy, from chil model preeteen my clitty to my pussy hole and back again, her tongue had me shaking uncontrollably, crying bbw top models out in loud, sustains screams of passion. My orgasm was rapidly approaching, almost there. My hand clutched hard against Ryan's, knowing that I had probably drawn blood.Almost there. Almost there. Coming now. I can feel it coming, coming, coming.Just then, Cleo knew what to do. Her tongue dove deep between the cheeks of my ass, plunging deep into my asshole, fully two inches inside me. Screaming at the top of my lungs, my asshole clutched hard against her thrusting tongue as my juices poured from my spasming pussy, flooding her hair and eyes with my cum. I couldn't stop. I was rocking harder and harder, crying, tears coursing down my face, my spasms out of control now. I kids naked models could not see. I was totally lost in my orgasm and cried out over and over.Held tight by Ryan and Cleo, I finally began to calm down, my heart finally slowing to a sustainable rate, I felt the spasms begin to subside. childsupermodel dawn With whatever strength remained in my body, I held tight to Ryan and Cleo, holding them so tight, they struggled for breath."Are you alright?" was repeated by both Ryan and Cleo, over and over until, finally, I was able to answer."Oh, shit," I exclaimed, letting a long, hard breath escape my lips. "What happened?" I wondered."You passed pinay models out, Sweetheart," Ryan said, his brow furrowed in worry. "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked.Looking up into his baby blues, I smiled. Then, turning to Cleo, I smiled again. "Oh, God, yessssss," I whispered. Wowwwwwwwwww. . . . .. . . for obvious reasons, this story will be continued in Randi IX.Look for Randi IX in the near future! Please send comments and suggestions to my hotmail address: Toni526
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